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‘Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved’ Romans 10:13

Braemar Presbyterian Care 


PURPOSE: Braemar is a distinctly Christian organisation, a community ministry of the PCWA, to elderly and vulnerable people in WA. Christ’s love compels is to serve;

VISION: By the grace of God, to offer every person a dignified life by providing the highest quality services and facilities to our clients, their families and the community

MISSION: To build the power of care, friendship, hope and love.





Presbyterian School of Theology


Established by the General Assembly in 2008 the PST offers:


Classes in the Bible, Christian belief and Practical Theology, aimed at those who desire to grow in their understanding of the Christian faith;


Teaching that is in harmony is in harmony with the Bible and the Westminster Confession of Faith;


Also classes from time to time which follow the ACT Certificate of Theology;


Special talks, workshops and seminars from time to time;


In running the PST, the PCWA is seeking to foster an interest in an informed and Reformed understanding of the Christian faith, and to encourage more people to prepare for service in the Church. The PST is open to people from any branch of the Christian Church. The PST does not charge for its classes.


For details of the PST Classes in first semester 2018 - Download Here (7mb).




Presbyterian Women’s Association


The PWA is made up of women within the PCWA who want to support and encourage each other in their walk in the Lord Jesus Christ. The PWA encourages women in each PCWA congregation to be active in reaching out with the gospel to other women and helping then grow in Christ in ways that suit their gifts and talents. The PWA members come together from time to time in Spiritual Renewal and Training Day. Representatives are also sent to the Federal PWA meeting once every three years in order to network with Christian women nationally and internationally.